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2024 Spring Art Exhibit

We are happy to announce we are moving the exhibit to the spring season! Please save the date April 13th, 2024. Submission are now being accepted, please provide your submission online before March 1, 2024.
Interested in being a part of this ministry? If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email us at


The VOICE: Trauma Art Exhibit is open to artists of all ages and stages through a variety of disciplines including, but not limited to, the visual arts, expressions of music, dance, and spoken word, as well as the dramatic arts. In collaboration with community organizations and in reflection of Elohim, God as Creator, artists are connected to a variety of resources and outlets for healing and education on the effects of trauma.



Give VOICE to the oppressed through the arts to become closer to Christ and find healing from trauma.

For the past few years, the Trauma Art Exhibit was organized by Enduring Hope Counseling and a committee of hard-working individuals whose mission is to provide an artistic outlet for the Pittsburgh community. It is our desire give them a VOICE and promote excellence in the arts as a reflection of our Creator. The art exhibition aims to give people the opportunity to express their pain, memorialize their healing and redemption, connect with other artists, and inform the community about trauma and its effects. This committee has been established because the community has witnessed helplessly unanswered racial violence, domestic violence, sexual abuse, trafficking, verbal abuse, and oppression which are all causes of trauma. Lead by Doreen Weiss, LPC the founder of Enduring Hope Counseling has served Christ through biblical counseling women suffering from domestic violence and relationship for nearly two decades.

Exhibit Committee Members:

Doreen Weiss, LPC is a licensed professional counselor and the founder of Enduring Hope Counseling. Her specialties are domestic violence and trauma resolution. She has been bringing good news to the afflicted and binding up the brokenhearted through counseling for close to seventeen years.

Lois Jane Kane is a photographer who seeks to use photographs to inspire worship and praise to provide comfort and encouragement. Visit Jane Kane Fine Art Photography to see some of her work. She has been a serious photographer for over 20 years.

Hannah Goforth is a local artist and business owner in Dormont, PA. With Go Explore Create she provides private lessons, group classes, and open studio options for all artists. She has experience in trauma art through her own work and assisting others in their artistic journey to healing.

In Loving Memory of Denise M Roble


Phone: 412-760-7757

Address: Pittsburgh Baptist Church, c/o Trauma Art Ministries
3100 Pioneer Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15226

Important Dates:

April 13, 2024 VOICE: Trauma Art Exhibit In-Person: Pittsburgh Baptist Church, 3100 Pioneer Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15226

Check out the Trauma Art Ministries website to learn more about other events being held all year long!

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