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2021 Trauma Art Exhibit Showcase

Click on each image below to view the artwork and to read about it. To enjoy music during the exhibit, click on the play button on the lower right of the screen. If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces, please email

Panic to Peace
I Will Cling Tightly To Love
Not So Lonely Road
Happy Flowers
Intertwined (Tapestry of Nature)
MOSAIC - Moving Onward Starting Anew in Christ
Seeing the light from my cocoon
Layers of Anxiety
Justice Falls (Amos 5:24)
It doesn't make sense!
Fall...Almost Winter
Beautifully Broken and The Great Repair
I Trust You, Lord
Morning Search
Evening Bloom
Reaching for Hope
Tropical- a handcrafted purse
Tranquil- hairstick
Mosaic- a glass pendant necklace
Out of Control
Let Me See You Smile
Phantom Limbs
How deep and destructive are sexual assaults
Breaking my Silence
A Fleeting Glimpse
The Forest and The Night
Scripture Canvas 2
Scripture Canvas 1
As A Woman poem
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