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Virtual Trauma Art Exhibit Showcase

Artist Name: Rose Saad

Abuse takes away our voice. Our abusers manipulate us to believe what they think is right so that they can control how we think, feel, and our actions. We are made to believe our voice doesn’t matter. But, I believe that God gives his wisdom freely to all who asked him. Our power lies within the choices we make. Part of that power is the ability to speak it out so that others can hear. Our thoughts free us.

Picture: Tilghman Island, Black Point Inn. The cross is at the point where the Choptank river set over the Chesapeake Bay. The intersection was symbolic to me. It represents standing at the crossroad of life, but the goal is to keep my eyes on the cross.

Artist Bio:

Rose Saad is a Christian, a survivor of domestic violence, and a registered nurse. In her experience as an emergency room nurse and a member of her faith community, she noticed that both trained professionals and mature Christians frequently misunderstand the abused women who come to them for help. She also noticed a lack of resources designed to help Christian women suffering domestic violence.

Rose used her experience to write A Path to Hope: Restoring the Spirit of the Abused Christian Woman. Her passion is to empower survivors through education about domestic violence and the Word of God. And, her vision is to increase awareness of domestic violence and its effects on families and to share information about strategies and resources that can be used to help victims of domestic violence.

She blogs about domestic violence and the message of hope on her website:
Facebook: A Path to Hope

Pittsburgh Baptist Church wholly aligns with biblical standards and doctrines for faith and practice. Not all
viewpoints of presenters and artists are reflective of the beliefs upheld by Pittsburgh Baptist Church.

We are honored to host each of these artists as they share their VOICE.

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