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Virtual Trauma Art Exhibit Showcase

I Will Cling Tightly To Love
Artist Name: Angela Kirwin
I Will Cling Tightly To Love

I wrote this poem as an offering for a group discussing spiritual trauma. It was really just the raw cry of my heart as I remembered the encounters with non-affirming Christians over the last 15 years since coming out as well as an expression of the peace I have found in my faith journey.

Artist Bio:

My wife of three years and I live with our dogs and cats in Mckeesport. I find great meaning in the journey of reconciling my faith and sexuality. Coloring outside the lines has become a consistent theme of my life and inspiration for new adventures.

Pittsburgh Baptist Church wholly aligns with biblical standards and doctrines for faith and practice. Not all
viewpoints of presenters and artists are reflective of the beliefs upheld by Pittsburgh Baptist Church.

We are honored to host each of these artists as they share their VOICE.

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