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Virtual Trauma Art Exhibit Showcase

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Artist Name: Nina Falgione
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Acrylic Painting on stretched 12” x 24” canvas

Artist Bio:

I began painting after developing a bad stroke in 2010. Prior to the stroke, I very rarely picked up a paint brush. This stroke left me with a loss of comprehension, reading and loss of small form of eye sight. Painting became an instrumental part of my therapy for healing physically, mentally, and spiritually! After years of facing trauma during childhood, divorce, abandonment, onset of dementia, and several other traumas, I pick up my brush, and ask the Lord to paint for me! Today, with faith in the Lord and support from many people, I am not only comprehending, I am reading, seeing better, and walking like never before! I am blessed!

Pittsburgh Baptist Church wholly aligns with biblical standards and doctrines for faith and practice. Not all
viewpoints of presenters and artists are reflective of the beliefs upheld by Pittsburgh Baptist Church.

We are honored to host each of these artists as they share their VOICE.

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