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Virtual Trauma Art Exhibit Showcase

Artist Name: Cynthia Kramer

To create my image I followed a prompt to "think outside the box to capture an image."
I used my home printer to capture a series of stories- of which these are from.
These are from the beginning of my break with trusting my safest people. As I think back to creating these images and what was happening- there is much more that makes sense now.

Artist Bio:

My people are from the North of Britain and the Pomeranian Empire. They landed in Iowa and Louisiana. I grew up influenced by the stories of family, heritage and the arts they passed down. Photography/story telling was a large part of that. I enjoy nature, creativity, my family and time away.

Pittsburgh Baptist Church wholly aligns with biblical standards and doctrines for faith and practice. Not all
viewpoints of presenters and artists are reflective of the beliefs upheld by Pittsburgh Baptist Church.

We are honored to host each of these artists as they share their VOICE.

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